What is an Energy Statement for Planning?

When applying for planning permission, your local authority may ask for an Energy Statement, which details how your building plans to meet the required energy efficiency standards. In this blog, you will learn what an energy statement should contain and how it affects your planning. 

So, what is an energy statement for planning? An Energy Statement is a detailed report describing how your building plans meet the requirements of energy efficiency according to the guidelines set out by local authorities.

Read on to learn the importance and requirements of good energy planning.

What is an Energy Statement? 

As part of your application for planning permission, you may be required to submit an energy statement. An Energy Statement goes into lengthy detail about how your building plans meet the standard guidelines set out by local authorities.. This covers reducing energy, CO2 emissions, and energy costs.

Most local authorities will require an energy reduction beyond current building regulations. It is important to check the targets for your local authority as they can vary depending on your location and the size of the project.

To ensure you meet the requirements, some important factors to include in your report are:

  • Energy efficiency of the building material
  • Lighting, heating and ventilation factors
  • Information of any renewable energy technologies used
  • Annual carbon dioxide emissions and energy expenditure

RS Energy ensures that you meet the regulatory requirements for energy statements. Request a quote today.

How Does an Energy Statement Impact Planning?

In early stages of planning a build, it is essential to consider the energy efficiency of the building’s fabric. This forward planning will ensure that the build is compliant with local and national energy regulations upon request by local authorities. The SAP methodology will be used to demonstrate that the energy targets can be achieved through design. Ensuring that you have an accredited SAP Assessor on board at the early stage of the proposed development will eliminate the costly build changes further down the line if improvements have to be implemented.

RS Energy can put together an energy statement within 5-10 working days and support you in meeting your local authority’s energy targets. 

Why is Energy Planning Important?

Energy planning helps prove to local authorities that your build will meet the energy efficiency standards set by them. It is important in monitoring energy consumption to ensure sustainability and its impact on the environment in the long run. At this early stage of the development, changes can be easily implemented into the design to ensure that the local council targets are achieved.

What are the Key Elements of an Energy Statement?

When creating an energy statement, you should outline energy efficiency strategies for cost-effectiveness, reducing negative impact on the environment and sustainability of non renewable energy. At this early stage we will look at how the dwelling will perform and rectify any issues that may arise during the assessment. 

The main elements of the assessment are the building fabric, heating, ventilation, lighting and the use of renewables. Deciding which renewable energy will suit the project can be determined at this stage. We will also look at the dwelling’s water usage. Many councils are now setting targets at 110litres/person/day.

What is Required for us to Complete an Energy Statement?

Our aim is to make the whole process as easy for you as possible. We will discuss with you any details you already have for the building fabric, heating, ventilation and renewables which may need to be adapted during the process to meet the targets 

We can obtain details from your local council regarding their Local Plan and energy targets. 

We will require the following scaled plans:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections 
  • Site plan with orientation

Energy Statements at RS Energy

When you use RS Energy for energy statements, we’ll make sure that you meet regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance, and that you’re not left stranded. We always go the extra mile for all of our clients.

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