Water Use Efficiency Calculation

Water efficiency is becoming an increasingly important feature of sustainable properties. Building Regulation 36(1) requires a water efficiency calculation for each new build dwelling, as well as some types of dwellings formed by ‘material change of use’. Water efficiency calculations predict the water consumption in line with Part G of the Building Regulations. 

Achieving Part G Compliance

Water efficiency is measured by litres per person per day. To comply with Part G of the Building Regulations, a dwelling’s consumption rate must not exceed the target of 125 litres per person per day set in the Building Regulations. However, some authorities might, and will, set lower targets, so local rules must be consulted to achieve compliance.

To help you achieve compliance, we will provide a template at the design stage to establish flow rate limits for fittings. At the as-built stage, we will carry out the necessary consultations to provide the final calculations and Part G compliance report for Building Control.

part g compliance

Working With RS Energy

By working with us, you can have the peace of mind that your project will advance smoothly. We’ll assist and advise you from beginning to end, providing compliant reports to satisfy Building Control. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Water Efficiency Calculation?

Water efficiency calculations are required for all domestic new builds, as well as some domestic conversions and extensions under Part G of Building Regulations. Water calculations predict water consumption, thus helping to ensure reliable water supplies both now and in the future.

Under Part G of Building Regulations, water usage must not exceed 125 litres per person per day, or less if required by individual councils. RS Energy can provide tailored advice on this matter to ensure compliance. Learn more.

Why Are Water Efficiency Calculations Required?

Water efficiency calculations are required under Part G of Building Regulations in order to predict water consumption in domestic buildings, conversions, and extensions. This helps to reduce water waste, and can help to encourage reliable water supplies.

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