RS Energy Limited work closely with Kingfisher Ecology who are qualified and experienced in helping new developments with their sustainability goals and requirements,

Biodiversity Impact Assessments

Providing Biodiversity Net Gain Calculations for your proposed development, with options appraisals should your development result in a net loss.

Approved design calculations will be included within a Biodiversity Impact Assessment Report to submit with your planning application.

Calculations are run in accordance with Natural England and DEFRA’s Biodiversity Metric 2.0 Guidance.

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Nutrient Neutrality Assessments

Any development within the Solent and Poole Harbour areas will require Nitrogen Calculations to determine the impact your proposed development will have on local water bodies’ ability to continue to support wildlife.

Calculations are in accordance with Natural England guidelines and produce a Nutrient Neutrality Report along with mitigation recommendations where necessary.

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BREEAM Assessments

Our licensed and qualified assessors can provide advice and guidance on achieving your required BREEAM rating.

Your proposed development will be assessed and you will be provided with a BREEAM Pre-Assessment Report to submit with your planning application.

Early engagement with a BREEAM Assessor ensures that your project can maximise its potential BREEAM score with minimal cost uplift and also ensures that any mandatory credits, which require early consideration, are not missed.

You will be guided through the BREEAM requirements, assessing your project at both design stage and post construction and submitting assessments to the BRE for certification in order to discharge planning conditions.

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LEED Assessments

LEED Assessment can be a tricky process for projects in the UK. We specialise in helping projects attain certification through recognised crosswalks and evidence equivalencies between the UK and US requirements.

As with BREEAM, early engagement with a LEED AP can help maximise your project’s LEED Score potential as well as identifying the most cost-effective credits and ensuring that you don’t miss out on any credits with timing constraints.

We will assess your proposed development against LEED requirements, providing advice and guidance as well as all necessary reports. We can assist with collating the required evidence, ensuring the project team remain on track with targeted credits, liaising with GBCI and submitting all documentation for certification.

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WELL Building Assessments

WELL Building is the first sustainable building standard that focuses on how a development impacts its occupants’ health and wellness.

Our qualified WELL AP will walk your team through the Mandatory Requirements as well as the Optional Features which will make up your final WELL Score.Engaging a WELL AP also achieves an additional point toward your WELL Certification.

Often a project will wish to achieve WELL Certification in addition to another green building standard such as BREEAM or LEED. We will assist your team in simplifying the process and submitting the required documentation as well as highlighting paths to maximise the scoring potential of all required standards.

We will provide all advice and guidance and required reports as well as evidence collation and validation, liaising with the IWBI and submitting all documentation for certification.

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Home Quality Mark (HQM) Assessments

From individual dwellings to large residential developments, the Home Quality Mark will assess your project’s environmental, human and financial impact.

Our qualified and licenced professionals can provide advice and guidance on HQM requirements to ensure that your homes work for you and the world around you.

We can assess your proposed development and provide an HQM Pre-Assessment Report to submit with your planning application should you wish to showcase your project’s sustainability targets as part of the planning process.

Our licenced professionals will guide you through selecting targeted credits and assess your development at Design Stage and Post Construction, submitting assessments to the BRE for certification.

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