L1a Compliance

We are accredited On Construction Energy Assessors (OCDEA) who can take care of your SAP Calculations from design stage through to ‘as built’ and lodging the EPC.

The design stage assessment is carried out before the building commences, this way we can advise you on the most cost effective way to gain compliance – we will not jump down the route of renewable energy in the first instance, we have many other avenues to explore first.

We will always work with you to achieve a compliant design with no extra charge for revisions. Never will we just tell you “it’s failed”. Full support and guidance is provided as standard throughout the process.

Once the build is complete, we will guide you through the process until the EPC is lodged.

Reports are provided for Building Control at both the design stage and the final as-built stage.

If you have a planning condition relating to Part L of the Building Regulations, we can take care of this too by providing a report to accompany your SAP Calculations.

SAP stands for the Standard Assessment Procedure which the UK Government has adopted as the methodology for calculating energy performance in dwellings.  This was introduced into the Building Regulations in 1995 as a vital step in the process of improving the energy performance and reducing the CO2 emissions. The SAP methodology is used for self-contained domestic dwellings.  In outline, the procedure:

Calculates the rate of heat loss from the dwelling, considering conduction and convection heat losses.

Determines the amount of heat required to maintain the dwelling at a comfortable temperature, given the rate of heat loss.

Determines the amount of energy required to provide hot water and lighting for the occupants.

Calculates the amount of energy required to provide the heat, hot water and lighting, given the efficiency of the building services, such as the boiler.

Calculates the cost of that energy, based on standardised fuel costs; and,

Calculates the carbon dioxide emissions based on standardised emission rates.

The procedure also considers; the area and volume of the building, the materials used, the thermal insulation, the thermal mass, ventilation, efficiency of heating controls, solar gains, the fuel used and any renewable technologies.

With over 40% of energy use in the EU being directly attributable to the operation of buildings, and 44% of the UK carbon emissions coming from buildings, addressing energy use and emissions in buildings therefore has the potential to make a substantial difference to overall energy and emissions in Europe.

The last government made a legally binding commitment to address the greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, relative to 1990 levels by 2050.  Therefore, passing SAP is becoming more difficult with more stringent regulations now in force.

Great for you

As we will not charge extra for revisions and will advise you on ways to reach compliance, you don’t need to worry that you are going to be left stranded in a difficult position – we will go that extra mile for our clients.

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For a mere property developer, Part L of the Building Regulations can be rather overwhelming, however, when you have Natalie of RS Energy to guide you through it, what seems an enormous hurdle, disappears. To anyone and everyone who encounters the complexity, to what many of us would consider the irrelevance of outdated Part L, I cannot recommend Natalie high enough to help navigate you through its complexities. In a word, she is phenomenal.

Excellent professional service, highly recommend

Natalie at RS Energy is professional and can help with any SAP and EPC needs. I have worked with her for years

RS Energy provided an efficient and professional service. Natalie was very pleasant to deal with and helpful throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend RS Energy.

With Natalie’s guidance and expertise on design issues and material choice we have achieved a 100% reduction on TER. An unparalleled superb service.