What is an Energy Statement for Planning?

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When applying for planning permission, your local authority may ask for an Energy Statement, which details how your building plans to meet the required energy efficiency standards. In this blog, you will learn what an energy statement should contain and how it affects your planning.  So, what is an energy statement for planning? An Energy … Read more

Do I Need an EPC or SAP?

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f you’re confused about energy compliance, and aren’t quite sure what your legal responsibilities are, RS Energy is here to help. In this article, we go over what SAP and EPC actually are, if you need them, and what is required for different types of projects.  So, do you need an EPC or SAP? SAP … Read more

How Do You Pass an Air Tightness Test?

When planning your build, you should be aware of potential air leakage. All buildings are required to have an air tightness test according to Part L of the building regulations, introduced in 2006. In this blog, you will learn how to ensure your building passes an air tightness test.  So, how do you pass an … Read more