Is a SAP Assessment Required for an Extension?


If you’re planning a new build residential dwelling or conversion, Building Regulations require that a SAP assessment be submitted during the planning stages, but are SAP assessments required for extensions?In this article, we go over everything you need to know about SAP assessments and extensions.  So, is a SAP assessment required for an extension? Not … Read more

What Is A Water Efficiency Calculation?

Water droplet

When building a property, there are a few features that must be surveyed to ensure the property passes regulations, one of which is water efficiency.  To assess the utilisation of water within the property a water efficiency calculation must be completed.  But, what exactly is the water efficiency calculation? Each new property and some conversions … Read more

When are SAP Calculations for Conversions Required?

Barn Conversion

SAP Calculations are a necessary part of the planning process for new builds and extensions, but what about conversions? In this article, we go over whether SAP calculations are required for conversions, what a good SAP score is, and how to improve it, if necessary.  So, when are SAP calculations for conversions required? SAP calculations … Read more

Do I Need a SAP Calculation for a New Build?

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If you’re building a new build home, you might have come across the term SAP Assessment or SAP Calculation. But, does this apply to you? Do you need a SAP calculation for a new build? In this article, we take you through any SAP assessment and other assessments required for new build homes.  So, do … Read more

What is a Good SAP Rating?

New build semi detaches houses

If you’re in the process of buying a new build property or are having a conversion or extension built, you may have come across the term SAP Calculations, SAP Scores, or SAP Rating.  SAP calculations simply work out the efficiency of a property, informing the wider known EPC rating.  But what is a good SAP … Read more